‘A Tour of South Korea’

Hey Guys!
Hope you guys have enjoyed your past few months! sorry I haven’t been updating my blog post but if you have been following me on FB  will know that I have just come back from a three month tour of South Korea in support of ‘Neil’ Album.
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Its been a crazy but awesome three months in many ways.  I played to lots of different places and met loads of amazing people. I arrived in South Korean capital Seoul on the 5th April,  three days later I headed south to Jeonju where I played a club called ‘Slang Bar’ where I was received really well playing songs from ‘Neil’ album.  After playing an awesome show in ‘Jeonju’ I headed to the coastal city of Yeosu where I played popular bar ‘Kumpel.’ This bar has a strong following attracting bands from Western Europe, Asia and beyond. The show itself was fantastic the Korean audience has to be one of the kindest I have come across. After my gig in ‘Yeosu’ I headed to ‘String Bar’ in a near by town ‘Gwangyang’ it was a special place to play like ‘Kumpel’ I played there last year and this year I played a blues set with two local guys and was well received we were on the same bill as club owners ‘Rock’s’ band and also a very talented K-Rap  artist.
Next stop after the fantastic ‘String Bar’ show I was headig back to the ‘Jeonju’ where I played in blues bar ‘Houston’ run by my friend Charlie. After playing there I was invited to the ‘World Busking Festival’ which was held outside ‘Houston Bar’ this is where I started to play with local artist ‘JungYeub Choi’ it was an honour to play with such a talented artist. On the 19th of April I headed off to one of Korea’s big city’s ‘Daegu’ here I played a show at ‘Dalpangyinorito’it was a new venue which has a brilliant vibe to it. During my time there I met some cool people first person I jammed with was the Korean blues artist ‘Blues K’ he is known for playing the blues in Korea and has jammed with ‘Eric Clapton and Australian Guitarist Tommy Emanuel’. Daegu like most parts of Korea has a strong music scene.  The day before the gig the club owner of ‘Dalpangyinorito’ took me and Korean artists ‘Ji-Gu’ to a famous street for buskers to perform, the  music in the street was in memory of a popular Korean songwriter who tragically killed himself. The show itself at  ‘Dalpangyinorito’ was a quiet but awesome show, sometimes those shows are the best the crowd were really eager to listen and were so kind, my time in Daegu was great I only wish I had longer there. Next stop was Korea’s second biggest city ‘Busan’ I played at basement venue called Drumrooollllll!!!  at this gig I supported two bands one was a USA/Korean indie band they reminded me of ‘Dinosaur J’ and then a surf Korean indie band. All in all it was a great show and I met some cool people. After my show at ‘Busan’ I headed back to Jeonju to play a show at a cat themed venue called ‘Café Nabi’ this was a very interesting venue this is where I got to play a set with my friend, musician and music promoter ‘Inyeol Park’ we played to packed room it was an awesome gig it was one that I won’t forget for a long time.
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Next stop was a small town called ‘Ginju’ this is where I met Korean Punk Rock group ‘Walking After You’ they where really nice kind people that were passionate about their music.  In this town I got to be the first non Korean to perform at the towns music festival I performed songs from my album to a 200 plus strong crowd. After ‘Ginju’ I head to ‘Mokpo’ which is a Korean city set in the south this where I played a headline show at ‘Red Pick’ the club owners run an awesome venue and they have acts come from different parts of the world to play. As I arrived at the venue there were lots of posters of me on the walls and I was asked to give autographs,  this was an amazing experience and it gave me extra purpose to put on an awesome show. I played there last year and it was great. Back to Jeonju to play one of the best music clubs in SK ‘Radio Star’. ‘Radiostar’  is run by musician and music promoter ‘Inyeol Park’ he is highly regarded as one SK musician’s. It was an absolute pleasure playing his venue. Sometimes in music you can forget why but meeting him on this tour has helped me connect with music fully again. The show itself was an awesome thing! In-between Radiostar I made another appearance at ‘Houston Blues Bar’ after that show I headed down to ‘Suncheon’ where I played at ‘Jungwon Guesthouse’ here I played to a packed out room  with a trio bass, drums and guitar. This was a cool show. During my time in ‘Suncheon’ I also had the pleasure of playing a show at ‘City Hall’ and ‘Youth Centre’ with local music ‘Wild Honey Pie’.  After a string of dates in ‘Suncheon ‘ I went back to ‘String Bar’ to play a solo acoustic show.  After that show I had a bit of a break so I took a rest and did some more writing for a new album.
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Before I knew it was time to play ‘Green Blue Festival Carnival’ this was a festival held in the woods outside of ‘Jeonju’ it had artist’s from Korea, Japan, Taiwan, France, USA and UK it was a beautiful sunny day my set was in the morning 11.30am
my only regret is that I couldn’t stay longer as I had a show in ‘Yeosu’ on the same night. My show in at ‘Kumpel’ ‘Yeosu’ was packed it was a great show it had three acts on the bill I was 2nd warm up for this show it was a busy night. As my last show at kumpel the next day it hit me that I had only one show left at ‘Strange Fruit’ in Seoul the show was on Monday but there was still a bit of a crowd and it was is an amazing basement venue.
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      All in all my tour of the ‘Neil’ album was a success meeting new people, going to new place, trying new things.
I feel as if going on this tour has given me the stretch and focus to get back in the studio and try new things, I look forward to seeing my Korean friends again in the future. Thank you for being so kind and welcoming. Thanks to everyone that reads and follows my music.
Peace and Love

Merry Christmas to All Friends 2016: Dan Hughes Music

Hi Guys
Just would like to say that I hope your all well and ready for Christmas!!!!!
This months blog will a short one as I am so busy. It has been a fantastic 2016 with over 200 gigs played in various countries and with the release of the new album’ Neil’ out on I tunes, Amazons and Bandcamp.
November saw a lot of  great things happen with new UK  venues at the Cherry Tree in Great Houghton and playing in Oakham with a top UK funk band ‘Divinity’ and as always lots of solo gigs.
December has been really busy playing and promoting, it’s amazing the different people you get to talk to and meet through music! it truly is a wonderful thing. Along side this  myself and my friend ‘Paul Wilson’ have been working on new songs  ‘River Song’ and ‘Moscow’ it is different sound we are excited about the project, watch this space!
This year had been  a truly brilliant year with all that has been achieved. A big thank you to you guys for all the support no matter how big or small, I wish you Happy and Healthy Christmas and look forward to see you all around in the new Year.
Much Love,
Dan Hughes Team – Dan Hughes, Paul Wilson, Rajesh Panda
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The Journey of Dan Hughes Music London UK

As Autumn has started to kick in it means it is a time for reflection and change. Looking back on the past few months it really has been an exciting and busy time for Dan Hughes Music with the release of ‘Neil’ and the formation of Panda Records and I just thought that  I would fill you guys in on what has been going on.
 I suppose the best place to start would be the release of the album ‘Neil‘ this summer.  The 9 track album of original tracks were produced and recorded at Ventura Studio’s it took a year to complete and it is an album that myself and Paul are very proud of. Since the release of the album  it has been selling well at gigs and even having downloads on I tunes and Amazon from Eastern Europe, Far east and  the America’s. My aim in the next few months is to increase album sales and to reach out to people from different parts of the world.
Janet Robin
This June saw me take some time out from recording to play guitar on Janet Robins uk tour.  Janet’s album ‘Take me as I am’ was recorded in Nashville Tennessee at John ‘Carter’ Cash’s studio old home of Johnny Cash. We had a great time  playing house concerts and theatre’s including Northamptonshire’s  ‘The Cube’. The experience of playing for Janet really opened my eyes to how things got done by a seasoned professional.
Busan, South Korea
Later on in June I went away to Asia I loved it, playing there really opened my mind it was an amazing experience playing completely different kinds of venues and meeting  some amazing people and making new friends.
Pushing the Neil album has resulted in it being featured in the USA online magazine Bandwitch who have a subscribed viewership  of over 5,000 people.  We have been in touch with UK company HVM and have been  in talks with them about maybe getting the album in store.   I have been in touch with various music awards to see what process we needed to go though to a get a nomination for these awards and unbelievably we got a reply from the ‘Ivor Novelo Awards’ watch this space!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dan Hughes Playing at South Korea
 With my friend the Korean/UK based producer ‘Yong Ju Lee’ I will be hitting his London based studio later this year to remaster ‘Above the clouds’, it is something that I am very excited about and look forward to working with him on this project.
As well as all of this there has been some cool new places to play in the UK seeing a fantastic pubs ‘The White Hart’ in Hackelton  and ‘The Red Lion’ in Brackley at which the turn out for these open mics have been great and the talent amazing.
Hope you guys have amazing month and thanks for reading, please keep listening and keep in touch.
Peace and Love

Dan Hughes Music, a band from London, United Kingdom

Dan Hughes is a dynamic UK based musician, songwriter guitarist and producer. Dan has played guitar from a young age having growing up in a musical environment playing with and learning from local session and professional guitarist’s playing pubs and clubs and partys in his home town.
At the age of 16 Dan auditioned for the highly regarded Music Institute ‘BIMM’ where he held his audition in front of ‘Kenwin House’ guitarist and songwriter for Reef.  He gained a place to study there for 2 years and in that time he played in bands covering a variety of genres also writing songs for projects. In this time he was lucky enough to be taught by such great guitarist such as ‘Toby Pittman'(Air Studios) and Guthrie Govan(Asia and Dizzy Rascal)  He had Master Classes with top guitarists and songwriters ‘Mark Knopfler, Tommy Emmanuel and Kelly Joe Phelps’s.
After his studies Dan spent a while playing in a band based in Sheffield and recorded an EP in the same studio Indie Rockers ‘Artic Monkeys’ recorded their first EP. Dan spent time gigging in the north but eventually returned to his midlands home playing solo acoustic gigs and starting up his own project Three piece band ‘DHT. During this time he began writing and performing around 200 gigs a year playing bars, pubs, clubs and private function’s. He did some busking all over midlands even playing guitar in Europe.
Having rejected several independent deals.  In 2014 Dan started recording demo’s for ‘DHT’ album ‘Neil’ with long-time collaborators Bob Dawbrowski and Paul Wilson. During the making of the album good interest was shown from people coming to solo and band gigs and international fans also gaining strong comment from industry professionals. In 2015 along side independent journalist and music lover ‘Rajesh Panda’ Dan formed Digital Music Label ‘Panda Records.’
The year 2016 saw the realise of ‘DHT’ ‘Neil’ released on ‘I tunes’ and ‘Amazon’ and Physical CD form, selling at gigs and indie record stores, The album has  a strong rootsy blues sound mixed with contempary rock and pop hooks. Later in 2016 Dan took a trip to Asia where he ended up playing and gaining great reviews from  press and TV.
What does the future hold for Dan? ‘Continue writing and performing make music and playing to anyone that will listen’. Dan is currently working on a new set of songs with long term drummer ‘Paul Wilson.’ If you are someone who love’s music written and performed with honesty and passion then this guy is well worth having listen to.