The Journey of Dan Hughes Music London UK

As Autumn has started to kick in it means it is a time for reflection and change. Looking back on the past few months it really has been an exciting and busy time for Dan Hughes Music with the release of ‘Neil’ and the formation of Panda Records and I just thought that  I would fill you guys in on what has been going on.
 I suppose the best place to start would be the release of the album ‘Neil‘ this summer.  The 9 track album of original tracks were produced and recorded at Ventura Studio’s it took a year to complete and it is an album that myself and Paul are very proud of. Since the release of the album  it has been selling well at gigs and even having downloads on I tunes and Amazon from Eastern Europe, Far east and  the America’s. My aim in the next few months is to increase album sales and to reach out to people from different parts of the world.
Janet Robin
This June saw me take some time out from recording to play guitar on Janet Robins uk tour.  Janet’s album ‘Take me as I am’ was recorded in Nashville Tennessee at John ‘Carter’ Cash’s studio old home of Johnny Cash. We had a great time  playing house concerts and theatre’s including Northamptonshire’s  ‘The Cube’. The experience of playing for Janet really opened my eyes to how things got done by a seasoned professional.
Busan, South Korea
Later on in June I went away to Asia I loved it, playing there really opened my mind it was an amazing experience playing completely different kinds of venues and meeting  some amazing people and making new friends.
Pushing the Neil album has resulted in it being featured in the USA online magazine Bandwitch who have a subscribed viewership  of over 5,000 people.  We have been in touch with UK company HVM and have been  in talks with them about maybe getting the album in store.   I have been in touch with various music awards to see what process we needed to go though to a get a nomination for these awards and unbelievably we got a reply from the ‘Ivor Novelo Awards’ watch this space!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dan Hughes Playing at South Korea
 With my friend the Korean/UK based producer ‘Yong Ju Lee’ I will be hitting his London based studio later this year to remaster ‘Above the clouds’, it is something that I am very excited about and look forward to working with him on this project.
As well as all of this there has been some cool new places to play in the UK seeing a fantastic pubs ‘The White Hart’ in Hackelton  and ‘The Red Lion’ in Brackley at which the turn out for these open mics have been great and the talent amazing.
Hope you guys have amazing month and thanks for reading, please keep listening and keep in touch.
Peace and Love

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